About us

Martin Bruusgaard & Co AS has 50 years of experience in the field of portable gas detection. We have accumulated considerable skill and know-how in establishing the right solutions and related systems for our customers.

We focus on standardised gas detection solutions, and the quality assurance (QA) of these. We ensure that the proper instruments are selected, and that all routines for preparation, operation, calibration, and maintenance of these are implemented and followed according to prevailing regulations.

We specialise in the Marine, Offshore and Process industries.

Our products include gas detectors from Riken Keiki, RAE System, Gastec and Tintometer. Together, these products can detect almost any dangerous gas situation, from ppm organic (toxic) gases to 100% volume hydrocarbons.

Furthermore we have equipment for calibration, calibration gases, storage systems, log systems and sampling equipment. Most common spares are in stock at all times, and in-house service and repairs are available at short notice.

Our success is based on the satisfaction of our customers, and we have many excellent references Please contact us for further information.