Calibration gas

Calibration gases in stock:

Butane 50% LEL in air
Butane 8% VOL in CO2/N2
Methane 50% LEL in air
Methane 15% VOL in N2
Nitrogen pure, N2
CO, 50ppm in air
H2S, 25 ppm in N2
Isobutylene 100 ppm in air
Multimix, 50% LEL, 12% O2, 25ppm H2S, 50ppm CO in N2
CO2, 5% VOL in N2
Benzene, 5 ppm in air

Calibration gas can be delivered locally from the following stock locations:

  • Singapore
  • Rotterdam
  • Dubai
  • UK
  • US
  • Norway
  • Hamburg
  • Shanghai
  • Rio De Janeiro

The gas cans are disposable, have a volume of 1L and a pressure of 12 bar. They are classified goods, UN 2037. If the gas is sent by Airfreight, please add 3-5 days extra transport time for clerance. Since the cans are light, the freight cost vary little if you order 1 or 15 cans. Therefore it is strongly recommended to stucture the purchase of calibration gas and we do recommend to buy gas from one of our local stocks.