04-Series New!

The 04-Series single gas detectors is a group of personal protective measuring devices for O2, H2S or CO.
The units are rugged, easy to operate and has replaceable sensors and filters.

The Riken Keiki 04-series are personal single gas monitors designed for protection from exposure to H2S, CO or lack of O2. Users will find the 04-series find the units robust, reliable, long lasting, and cost effective. In addition the instruments has a digital display, can be calibrated, and are dust and water-resistant (IP-67). The 04-series has a replaceable rubber boot in addition to data log from 5 to 300 hours. Each version is equipped with visual, audible, and vibration alarms as standard. Operates up to 9,000 hours (CO and H2S) on alkaline batteries. Replacement of sensors, filters and batteries is very easy. 3 years sensor warranty.

    • Real-time measurement
    • O2, H2S or CO
    • 3 years sensor warranty.
    • Clear display with auto back lighting
    • Loud alarm buzzer, light and vibration.
    • Intrinsically Safe ATEX Exia II CT4 approved
    • IP67 water and dust resistant
    • Changeable alkaline batteries
    • Compact, light weight, ergonomic design
    • Optional waist strap for hands free operation
    • Up to 9,000 hours on operation on alkaline batteries (CO and H2S)
    • Data logging as standard