Calibration Gas Portable

Is Your Gas Detection System In Tune?

Lack of planning can jeopardize crew safety, cargo integrity and financial performance. Is your current portable gas detection system well managed – and reliable?

Plan Ahead to Stay Safe and Compliant

According to regulations, all ships are required to carry calibration gases for portable gas detectors. These gases can often be difficult to obtain in ports on short notice. Furthermore, gas cylinders have a limited shelf life which requires them to be replaced at certain intervals.

By purchasing them in a structured manner, both time and money can be saved, and the ship will always have the correct type available on board.

The Bruusgaard system does that job for you. We have developed an optimised logistics and procurement process that ensures your safety and compliance at the lowest possible cost.

Worldwide Deliveries

We have the most common calibration gases in stock and can ship world-wide – also by air freight if required. By utilising our network of hubs for calibration gas, costly dangerous goods fees can be avoided*.

Local deliveries are available in:

– Dubai
– Shanghai
– Rotterdam
– Rio
– Singapore
– UK
– Panama
– Norway

*Special terms may apply.

Product Portfolio

Please note: Shelf life depends on type of gas and varies between 1–3 years.

Useful Information

The gas cylinders are disposable, and have a volume of 1 litre. They contain 12 or 34 litres of gas. The cylinders are classified as dangerous goods for airfreight, so please account for some extra days additional transportation time.

Since the cylinders are lightweight, there will not be much difference in freight charges whether we ship 1 or 15 cylinders. Thus it is strongly recommended to structure the supply of calibration gases. We advise to order enough gas for around one year’s worth of consumption, in order to lower the freight cost per cylinder and the frequency of supply.

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Download Material Safety Data Sheet here.

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