1000 Series Portable single gas detectors for Hydrogen and Combustible gases

The Riken Keiki GP-1000 is a compact and lightweight gas detector with high sensitivity for the detection of hydrocarbons. The measurement is performed for this purpose by means of catalytic sensor.
The GP-1000 has a built-in pump with pump booster function and a direct selection from a list of 25 hydrocarbons for exact alignment of the target gas – Only calibration on CH4 is necessary.


The Riken Keiki 1000 series are Portable single Hydrogen and Combustible gas detectors.

There are 3 standard models:
GP-1000: 0-10%LEL / 0-100%LEL ⇒LELdetector
NC-1000: 0-1000ppm / 0-10000ppm ⇒PPM detector
NP-1000: 0-10vol% / 0-100vol% ⇒VOL detector

Direct reading of the concentration values of combustible gases of 25 gases (5 NP-1000).
Easy operation feature of changing the gas name display with 1 switch button.
Long distance drawing possible with the pump booster function.
Various combustible gases can be measured by the ppm order with NC-1000.