AlcoMate Core

The AlcoMate® Core is an affordable alternative for consumers that want a reliable, accurate breath testing device but would prefer the benefit of lower pricing over the advantages of pre-calibrated sensor modules.

The AlcoMate® Core breathalyzer is a good choice for consumers who would prefer price savings over the advantages of pre-calibrated sensor module technology. Aside from the sensor technology, the AlcoMate® Core breathalyzer gives you all of the other features of the AlcoMate® Prestige, with easy-to-use one-button operation.

It is approved as an Alcohol Screening Device by: NHTSA,

DOT, FDA 510(k), and meets the US Coast Guard requirements. The digital readout is from 0 to 0.40% BAC, and special one-way mouthpieces are used to prevent false results. It has a built-in counter to document the number of tests taken.

Includes manual, batteries, carry case, 5 mouthpieces.

ALL breathalysers need to be calibrated. Typical intervals are every 200-300 tests or at least every 12 months. For marine use however, the cost of external service and calibration is not justifiable for these low-priced units. It is therefore recommended to replace them every 12 months.


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