Compressed breathing air test kit

Meet recommendations for annual testing of breathing air compressors with this simple and cost-effective method. The test kit allows you to test the air quality whenever you feel it necessary.

Test on board, save time and money

The Bruusgaard Test Kit measures the quality of breathing air from high and low pressure compressors and cylinders. With this kit, testing is easily carried out on board. Samples do not have to be sent ashore, saving time and money.

What is included in the test kit?

The standard kit includes the testing device (consisting of a flow regulator, flowmeter and a testing tube holder) to be mounted on the compressor or cylinder. It also contains extra fittings, a ceramic tube breaker and a set of testing tubes – all in a handy carrying case.

In short: This kit contains everything you need to stay confident in your breathing air supply.

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