Ballast Water Test Kit

With the regulations of the IMO in mind, the CMT Ballast Water Test Kits will provide simple and accurate testing for:

E.Coli Bacteria
Enterococci Bacteria
Cholerae (O1 / O139)
Viability of organism
– 50 μm or above
– 10 μm or above

Test for E.Coli Bacteria, Enterococci Bacteria and Cholerae are included in the Ballast Water Test Kit I and in every other Test Kit.

The Ballast Water Test Kit II is additionally equipped with a Salinity Refractometer to measure salt in seawater and two zoo-plankton filter tests. One test is for plankton starting at 10 µm and the second for plankton bigger than 50 µm.

The test for salt in seawater is also included in the Ballast Water Test Kit III. In this kit the zooplankton will not be measured with filters but with a digital handheld Fluorometer.

Ballast Water Management – implementation schedule for compliance with the D-2 standard:

*Source: Gard AS


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