Cooling & Boiling Water Test Kit

Marine Boiler and Cooling Water Test Options

The range of marine boiler and cooling water test kits are designed to monitor water treatment chemicals added to diesel engine cooling systems and low, medium or high-pressure boilers. The range of reagents supplied are non-hazardous for shipping and the products have been specially selected and combined into a range of specific, fully portable test kits for easy convenient testing on-site. Upgrades are available depending upon treatments used.

Boiler and Cooling Water Test Kits

Engine cooling systems contain carefully blended additives that prevent scale deposits and corrosion of engine waterways. It is very important that the concentration is maintained at the correct level for optimum protection.

Low, medium and high-pressure steam boilers are also treated with special corrosion and scale inhibitors. It is vitally important to maintain precise levels of these additives to ensure correct and efficient steam generation. Failure to regularly maintain and monitor treatments will inevitably end in system failure and expensive corrective maintenance.

The supply treatment test kits for engine cooling water and steam boiler water. The kits are very simple to operate and will enable the ships engineer to monitor scale and corrosion concentrations. Regular testing will allow rapid corrective action to take place helping you to maintain optimum operating conditions, minimize downtime and reducing energy costs.


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